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Written by Alan D Rudland   
Wednesday, 28 August 2013 10:37

Having received this letter, I would comment as follows:


1. I have never initiated a public discussion on the removal of the proposed new LBA website/email account, the Vice-Chair, however has.

2. I attended Committee Meetings in June and August, but as neither was quorate, no disciplinary matters could have been discussed.  I did not receive notification of the July Committee Meeting, so could not attend.

3. The Chair has publicly stated, and the Vice-Chair has not challenged the statements:

  • I am the Chair, I will decide who is invited to Committee Meetings
  • I will decide when Committee Meetings are held (regardless of any requirements in the Constitution)
  • The Constitution is just a guide, we can decide what parts to apply
  • I will not tolerate dissent at meetings

4. The Chair/Vice-Chair have refused to present my Formal Disciplinary Request to the Committee and have now summarily dismissed it without reference to the full Committee.

5. By signing this judgement letter, the Vice-Chair (as instigator of the action), and by association, the other signatories, show no regard for the concept of Natural Justice (Nemo iudex in causa sua- no-one should be a judge in their own cause).


The LBA now appears to be an organization whose Chair, Vice-Chair and Committee condone exclusive, un-constitutional and un-minuted meetings and un-sanctioned actions, I as Past Chair can only re-iterate my previously publicly declared disavowal of all individuals and actions of the organization referring to itself as the Leith Business Association.  Any organization or body continuing to associate itself with the LBA should take cognizance of these facts.

Alan D Rudland
Past Chair and Committee Member
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This site is not associated with the organization currently referring to itself as the Leith Business Association (LBA).

This site is now closed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alan D Rudland   
Tuesday, 16 April 2013 23:06
This site is now closed to further entry, and represents a historical record only.
Leith Walk water switch off “worries” traders hit by tram works PDF Print E-mail
Written by Webwatch   
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 13:46

Scottish Water have issued water interruption notices to a number of businesses and residents in and around Leith Walk to allow testing of works carried out as part of the Edinburgh Trams utility diversions, according to an article on the STV website on 20 September:

Leith Walk water switch off “worries” traders hit by tram works

The LBA has expressed concern that there appears to be a lack of certainty over the work undertaken by tie's sub-contractors, and that Scottish Water are having to resort to switching off sections of the water main, then relying on users to call the Scottish Water Helpline (0845 601 8855) to report if their water supply is interrupted.

When questioned why the work had not been carried out at the end of 2009 when works were underway on Leith Walk, a Scottish Gas spokesman advised that they had had to wait until drawings were provided by tie. He also admitted that this exercise would not have been necessary if they had been 100% satisfied with the information provided. 


The planned shut offs are:

19th September - 2 Jane Street, 52, 60, 62, 70 to 98 Leith Walk

20th September - 156, 166, 168, 172 to 180 Leith Walk, 7 to 21 and 6 to 20 New Orchardfield, 1, 2, 3 Springfield Buildings, 16, 17 Springfield Lane, 9, 11, 10, 12, 23 to 29 and 24 to 30 Springfield Street and 5 to 21, 4 to 22 Steads Place

21st September - 6 Balfour Street, 200, 202, 214, 256, 258, 264, 266 Leith Walk, 206 to 210 Leith Walk and 222 to 232 Leith Walk

22nd September - 1 Shrub Place Lane

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It's a bad sign when council 'behaves like Iran' PDF Print E-mail
Written by Presswatch   
Friday, 09 September 2011 13:36

The City of Edinburgh Council has been unfavourably compared to Iran after uplifting advertising boards from West End businesses, according to an article in the Edinburgh Evening News on 9 September:

It's a bad sign when council 'behaves like Iran'

Businesses were asked to pay a £50 fee to have the advertising boards returned after they had been uplifted for being displayed incorrecly breaching the Council's rules which require the board to be placed directly outside the business premises.

The business owners in Alva Street and William Street, who have been adversely affected by tramworks, subsequently had their boards returned without being obliged to pay the uplift fee.

The LBA previously published the CEC rules on A-Boards in July 2009. Following a ban on A-Boards on the High Street and Rose Street, Council officials appear to be adopting a wider area, strict enforcement policy: Leith businesses would be well advised to re-read these rules, and ensure that their advertising does not place them in breach, as penalties can be applied.

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